Testimonials from our Clients

"When I had a major problem with the owner of a development in Telluride I contacted Joe Solomon. I had heard about him from others in the community. The fact that a small town like Telluride has a lawyer of Joe's academic and practical skills is fortunate for anyone needing legal representation in the area. He has since been my attorney of choice for many other issues. I am also a practicing attorney. I think it best summed up that he is a lawyer's lawyer and there is no higher compliment in our profession."
~ Robert G. Kerrigan, Esq., Kerrigan, Estess, Rankin, McLeod & Thompson, LLP Attorneys at Law,Pensacola, Florida

"My wife and I have been involved in Telluride for over 20 years. Joe Solomon has worked with us for about 15 years. Not only has he been a reliable and efficient attorney for the normal Real Estate purchases and sales, but was outstanding in dealing with much more complex zoning and HARC issues when we bought an 1891 home in Telluride and went through the difficult development process with zoning, HARC, affordable housing, variances, and neighborhood issues. In addition, we have several issues involving condominium and Home Owner associations or adjacent property owners regarding easement rights and association rights where both Joe and Stefanie Solomon, his wife and legal partner have handled the issues expertly. The more complex the issue, the better the Solomons are!! We have only the highest regard for his capability and quiet, yet very determined approach to all the many complex legal problems we faced."
~ Robert and Maritza Jacobson , Coral Gables, Florida

"This remote mountain hamlet is not immune from the social and economic conditions of the large metropolitan areas across the country. Never did I think that a corporate American drama would unfold in front of my very eyes on the mountains that I so loved and retreated to as an escape from the real world. I was thrust into a year-long drama that required an immediate and proactive response to an imminent threat. My Board of Directors and I were guided through an extremely challenging and disruptive event by a calm, level-headed, and strategic attorney. We had the privilege and advantage of being represented and counseled by a Telluride local with the insight, history, and commitment to the community, as well as an inherent understanding of the fragile nature of operating a multi-million dollar enterprise in such a unique environment. Joe was not only able to match wits with the ultra-pricey Dallas law firm hired by the opposing team but also to defend the Property Owners and to mitigate further damages in a case that presented more and more disturbing and offensive behavior during the discovery process. His unwavering commitment and dedication to guiding his client through the murky swamp of the civil courts was both reassuring and enlightening."
~ William Armendariz, Dallas, Texas

"I have worked with Joe Solomon on a multitude of legal issues over the last 7 years?initially as a home-buyer in Telluride and for the last 5 years on HOA issues where he supports me in my role as a homeowner?s representative to an HOA Board. Joe is thorough, thoughtful and proactive?and the most organized attorney with whom I have worked. Somehow he is able to find digital copies of documents, and specific passages, in moments. He has done a great job of representing the legal interests of our group through complex and challenging circumstances."
~ Curtis Brunjes, Homeowners Association Director Representative, The Peaks Resort and Spa Penthouse Owners

"Thanks to Stefanie's invaluable, objective assistance and the extra comfort which her dual legal background afforded us, we overcame our customary hesitation and trepidation, moved forward with our transaction, and have never looked back."

"An extensive knowledge of the local market coupled with a professional, attentive, highly responsive, and incredibly patient demeanor make Stefanie Solomon, without question, the quintessential Telluride real estate broker."
~ Hal & Wendy Johnson, Mill Valley, California

"Joe Solomon has helped me with a couple of fairly minor issues in the Telluride area. Throughout the process Joe treated my cases with the attention I would expect from having given him a much larger case. Joe's professionalism, knowledge and dedication to the client were exemplary. It's too bad Joe doesn't practice in my state!"
~ Mike Cahill, Scottsdale, Arizona

"My client-attorney relationship with Joe Solomon has given me an understanding of my position and, in turn, a comfort level that all that can be done, is being done for my particular situation. Joe has been excellent with his analysis of my case and proper course of action. I will continue to go to Joe for all my legal matters."
~ Leo McNamara III, Telluride, Colorado

"I have had the pleasure to work with Joe Solomon on several personal and business related issues in Telluride. His knowledge, attentiveness to detail and sincere caring nature made these negotiations smooth and efficient. I really enjoyed the experience. I recommend him without reservation."
~ Ronald Solomon, M.D. (no relation)

"I was privileged to work with Joe for several years, in two capacities: as a hotel owner, secondly receiving his counsel for a HOA for which I was the President. I still rely on Joe for his legal advice on Hotel and general business matters. Having sold the home in Telluride, I am deprived of relying on HOA advice."

"Having worked with numerous Lawyers for over 25 prior to my permanent relocation to Telluride, I know an excellent lawyer when I meet one. Joe is technically very competent, his skills are both broad and deep, he is very knowledgeable of the personalities in the town and perhaps best of all he has a down to earth, great personality himself."

"Five years ago I asked Joe his legal opinion on a purchase in the Mountain Village, Joe advised against it, three years later it went thru bankruptcy."
~ Robert T. Robbins, Owner, The Victorian Inn, Telluride

"Stefanie, I feel that you did a first class job representing myself in the home that you sold for us in Telluride. Your sincerity and thoroughness was above and beyond your call of duty. I could not thank you enough for all your effort."
~ Don Freedman, Nantucket, Massachusetts

"Solomon and Solomon represent the professional legal standards needed for all resort real estate transactions and provide the proper balance in getting the deal to the closing table. I highly recommend S&S."
~ Don McLean, developer

"I recently took over ownership of Telluride Liquors. Joe and Stefanie Solomon were extremely helpful in the transition process. I couldn't be happier......THANK YOU!!!"
~ Fred Latimer, Owner Telluride Liquors

"I have had the pleasure of engaging Joe, in my capacity as President of our condo's HOA, to advise us on various issues and found him to be diligent, cost-effective and practical. In addition, together with the co-owners of my condo unit, I engaged Joe to represent us personally in connection with a proposed neighboring development. His advice was timely, and well-considered, and we were extremely pleased with Joe as our lawyer on the ground in Telluride."
~ Rick Asbill

"Joe Solomon is one of the most conscientious attorneys I have ever worked with. He pays attention to details and tries to use language that everybody can understand. I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a competent attorney."
~ Michael J. Ward, Broker, Peaks Real Estate Sotheby's International Realty, Telluride, Colorado

"I am a CPA with Dalby Wendland & Co. in Montrose, Colorado. I do a lot of work in the Telluride area, and in that capacity have had the opportunity to work with Joe Solomon on several occasions. In my experience, he is a competent and capable attorney, and does a thorough and professional job for his clients."
~ R. A. Miller, CPA

"I know that when we give the Solomons a project that IT WILL GET DONE, efficiently, intelligently and with a modicum amount of fees. HOW UNUSUAL!"
~ Ginger Perkins, President The Mortgage Store, Telluride, Colorado

"Joe Solomon--An efficient and extremely knowledgeable real estate attorney. I thoroughly enjoy working with Joe. Joe is just a 'GREAT GUY'!"
~ Sally Puff Courtney, Broker, Peaks Real Estate Sotheby's International Realty, Telluride, Colorado

"Joe Solomon is known as Super Joe for a good reason! We have had the good fortune to work with him and Stefanie on several property transactions and their work is always prompt, efficient, courteous with a personable and down to earth manner. Joe is an expert at simplifying real estate into every day terms and is extremely skillful in overcoming conflicts between buyers and sellers and therefore coming to resolution. He and Stefanie are both highly recommended."
~ Buzz & Mary Fedorka, Telluride Real Estate Corporation

"Joe is a thorough and strong advocate for his clients, but realizes that dancing on the head of a pin is a waste of everyone's time and money."
~ TD Smith, Managing Broker, Telluride Real Estate Corporation

"Joe was ahead of schedule, quick on call backs, thorough in his review and a pleasure to work with."
~ Steve Patterson, Telluride Real Estate Corporation

"Mr. Joe Solomon is like no other attorney I have worked with on business or personal legal issues. He has the integrity, loyalty, tenacity and accountability that is not commonly found in the legal profession. Additionally, I have found that Mr. Solomon grasps the facts and issues quickly and follows through in a detailed and well organized manner. It is a pleasure to work with him because he understands the importance of keeping his clients up to date on relevant issues and events. I can highly recommend his legal skills, knowledge and services with complete confidence."
~ Lisa Chigos, San Diego California

"I give it as my fixed opinion that Mr. Solomon has consistently displayed those qualities and attributes held in highest esteem. His integrity should serve as the benchmark of professional conduct. While retained as our attorney to represent us, he insisted upon always, "taking the high road," even when the opposing party took actions that were beneath contempt. His personal attention to detail was clearly focused so as to represent his clients aggressively and fully within the letter and intent of the law. He remained honest and forthright in his dealings with us throughout this ordeal... Mr. Solomon was not afraid to work long, hard and even unconventional hours to research the law, attempt to conciliate and then to litigate the matter at hand. I was most impressed also that he took the time to help a Law Student Intern participate in this case. He is a thorough, effective and tireless practitioner of law."
~ James Walker, M.D., Scottsdale Arizona

"Joe Solomon is a fantastic, diligent, totally on his game, attorney. He took over our very complicated case, mid-stream, and jumped in whole heartedly to win. Construction defects, fraud, breach of contract, and negligence, were our claims in this case against a contractor who only specializes in the aforesaid. Joe ascertained the details quickly and pursued our case aggressively. He knows his stuff and allows the client to fully participate. Up against a deep pocket insurance company we prevailed because Joe was in the case for all the right reasons. We’d absolutely recommend Joe and his expert team to skewer the opponent!"
~ Barb Preston and Randy Zamora, Ridgway, Colorado