Starting a Business in Colorado

How do I know which type of business is best for me?

Most clients are forming limited liability companies, which have the flexibility of a company and can enjoy pass-through taxation like a partnership.

See this FAQ for more information.

What do I do first?

Our firm can assist you in organizing your new business in short order. We have computer access to instantaneously check name availability, and we have a firm account with the Secretary of State to get your business organized in one day.

Click on this link for information on Conducting Business in the State of Colorado, a Checklist for New Businesses and for general information on starting a business.

How do I make sure my business is protected?

The primary answer here is PROPER INSURANCE. Another key aspect of business protection is the Shareholders Agreement (Corporation), Operating Agreement (LLC), or Partnership Agreement. This critical document spells out internal arrangement between the business owners. Our firm has developed well-written provisions which restrict the sale of the business interest, and also protect the interest in the event of divorce or death of a co-owner.

If I already have a business entity in another state, can I use it in Colorado?

Yes. However, you must register with the Colorado Secretary of State. We can assist you here.